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Precision One-on-One Marketing™ to Cable TV Consumers
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Television Channels and Unique Services branded and customized to the needs and demands of each market segment focused on generating high value add and benefits for each segment.
Open Cable TV - One on One Precision Marketing to Cable TV Households

Our proprietary hardware and software technology platform and innovative solution based on 16 years of research and development and currently used by millions of Pay TV subscribers and some of the largest Pay TV Service Providers, combined with our know-how methodologies, allow us to transcode and deliver Television channels to the consumer up to 100 Times Cheaper than Traditional Cable Television technology allows, at the same high clear picture quality and without latency. We are also able to fully manage and control advertising and programming based on the location and the needs of the consumer and the requirements of the advertisers and Television Station operators or TV programming owners.

The revenues that can be generated through paid programming, standard advertising and television station fees, in addition to advertising sponsorships, premium channels and other services are enormous and can be estimated in the range of $100 billion dollars from the top ten world markets. Our technology set up cost of just 200 thousand dollars per country to service 300 of the top channels, and our experience and skills in branding, lower cost Television advertising and marketing and Paid Television programming combined with our relationship with the Advertisers and Television Stations, can allow us to quickly become the world leader in Cable Television and Precision Ad supported Television Distribution. 

Cable TV Advertising - a $200 Billion Dollar a Year Market - Still the most powerful Advertising Channel

Channel Selection & Precision Cable TV Marketing Advertising Technologies

Have your brand and advertising displayed on the consumers television set when the consumer switches channels or turns on their TV before they see anything else. Full control over the Open Cable TV Guide™. Place your fully customizable image, text and video ads on to the Television screen with "Acceptable Psychological Impact Review Testing™" for consumer satisfaction.

How would you like to control the Consumers Television Set as if they were on your web site, while they were watching television?

The Most Sophisticated Television Advertising Technologies on the market today.

  • In a partnership with some of the top researchers in the fields of Advertising and Video Advertising Software, Consumer Psychology Research, Video Delivery and Real Time Video Editing, Television and Cable Box Programming, "Video Delivery Server" Design and Video Receiver Hardware and Software development, our team has been assembling and developing a state of the art Cable Television Advertising Technology™ solution with an investment of over 2 decades of research, trial and error. We believe that our solution is years ahead of competition. Imagine being able to fully control the consumers Television set but in a way that is acceptable and is of benefit to the consumer. Imagine being able to show anything the sponsor wishes to show the Consumer at any time: an on screen banner or a "think bubble" for a character, creating an instant celebrity endorsement or a full screen or a partial screen fully customizable ad - a still photo with text or a fully interactive advertising video.Imagine having a system in place that gives enough control to the consumer making this whole system acceptable.
  • Ability to market your brand and your products and services directly to Cable Television Households is still the most powerful weapon in any companies arsenal. Internet is here to stay but Cable Television is not going anywhere. Our unique technology that consists both of hardware and software developed over many years by some of the top scientists and television and video specialists in the world allows for an unprecedented level of "Precision Cable Television Advertising™" and "personalized targeting" at a much lower cost to the advertiser then what is being spent on poorly targetable and nearly untrackable Television Advertising today.
Years of research and development by some of the top minds in the fields of Television, Video, Mobile and TV Advertising technologies, and planning and preparation in the fields of Marketing, Direct Sales and Branding has yielded a sophisticated and highly profitable business model focused on the needs of the affiliates, the needs of the consumers and the needs of the Ad Agencies and Television Advertisers able to generate billions of dollars per year for the investors. 

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