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Television Channels and Unique Services branded and customized to the needs and demands of each market segment focused on generating high value add and benefits for each segment.

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Top in our class

Years of research & development can only be topped by years of research and development. Some people are born great teachers others are born great leaders. We were born great entrepreneurs, advertisers and scientists with an interest in Precision Consumer Television Advertising and an interest in video, film, advertising and television production, delivery and management technologies and processes. How to make video as small as possible and yet being able to show it in real time on a large full screen Television Set without latency and in full quality? Can we use this to make delivery costs so low that we can deliver Cable Television to consumers for free or can we deliver high quality Television over extremely poor connections for a very small price to large markets in Asia? Can we entertain and not annoy the viewer when they are watching a piece of advertising to make them want to watch the whole commercial over and over again - entertaining them and exciting them enough every time to make longer, more frequent and more intrusive ads bearable and acceptable? Our technology allows to take over any television stream and to turn it into an interactive and entertaining advertising, marketing and shopping experience. How to turn a Television Set into a fully controlled advertising medium using Precision Cable Television Advertising Technologies giving control over to the advertisers and yet maintaining a high standard of control and quality which will make the whole process acceptable to the consumer? How to maximize and manage Cable Television revenues even if the bulk is given away for free, through Cable Television Behavioral Modeling and Predictive Viewer Behavior Technologies?All of these questions are of great interest to us - and we have spent the last 40 years preparing for this moment - when our level of technology and abilities have reached a point when a Cable Television set becomes more then just a piece of furniture - it is to become a fully interactive entrance into the world of shopping, advertising and behavior prediction and management.

Cable Television Technologies - 15 Years of Research and Development

Advertising Software Platform. Television Station S&H Platform. Television Set & Attachment S&H Management. Cable Operator Software. Consumer "All Device" Pull Technologies.

We have been working on combining and testing, researching and developing, trying and moving forward for nearly 15 years. It takes a great deal of strategy, trial and error, testing and connecting - and we are still only 80% there. These problems are all very simple as they are being handled by some of the most brilliant minds of our generation and yet the problem itself is so enormous - that we believe we would not be where we are today were we not able to utilize and to ride on the back of military research and development and to utilize the research and development of others working on similar problems. We have found a way of combining nearly 60 different products and technologies into a suite capable of tackling this problem and to create the worlds largest Precision Cable TV Advertising Platform™.It will take a number of acquisitions on our part but the end result will put us a decade ahead of competition - giving us enough of a competitive advantage - to become the dominant standard for Cable Television Delivery and Cable Television Advertising Management. It is partly in the cost of video delivery. It is partly in the ability to control Television sets and receiver attachments. It is partly in the technology managing the Servers at the Television Stations transcoding and delivering video. And it is in large part in the technologies, methodologies and processes managing the content and advertising, in predicting and controlling consumer behavior and in maximizing revenues and returns - by allowing the Precision Cable TV Advertising Platform to do the job it is being designed to do - to become the dominant player in the field of Cable Television. 

Experts in Advertising and Television Programming Production, Delivery & Getting Consumer Interest and Excitement - Sticky, Sticky, Sticky.

Spider Advertising and Cable TV Revenue Maximization Methodologies.

Over the last 40 years a number of our experts, in a research partnership with a number of other thought leaders in the field of Consumer Behavior and Consumer Psychology have been focusing on one thing - getting the television viewer to spend money. The longer they spend in front of a particular ad the higher the chance they will spend money on that advertisers product. The more they like the ads and the less they are annoyed by the intrusive nature of the ads the more likely they are to become a loyal customer of our advertising customers particular brand. It is a science, and it is an art. We have spent years studying and modeling the psychology behind consumer behavior - when they first see the ad, when they are continually exposed to the ads, when they make the buying decision. The whole process can be predicted to the highest degree given the right environment and combined with the right technologies, the right data, the right methodologies and behavior modeling and predictive processes. We believe we can increase revenues for Cable TV operations and for our advertisers 5 to 10 times from their current levels. We will also be able to track the results allowing for unique marketing and advertising partnerships that were not possible with the current state of technology and Cable Television workflow as it exists today. The Precision Cable TV Advertising Platformis the future and a path to happier and more involved consumers, greater control and returns on investment for advertisers and maximized revenues for Television Station, Cable Operators and Content Producers and Owners.

Branding, Specialty TV Programming and Unique Services.

Open Cable Television is focusing its efforts on creating custom tailored TV programming and unique services and creating high value add for certain large, highly profitable and yet under-served markets that we have identified and have been working with. This allows Open Cable to generate strong customer loyalty within these highly profitable market segments - something that is very difficult to achieve for traditional Television and other related service providers.
Years of research and development by some of the top minds in the fields of Television, Video, Mobile and TV Advertising technologies, and planning and preparation in the fields of Marketing, Direct Sales and Branding has yielded a sophisticated and highly profitable business model focused on the needs of the affiliates, the needs of the consumers and the needs of the Ad Agencies and Television Advertisers able to generate billions of dollars per year for the investors. 

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