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Early 1970's - Partnership with Canada's Largest Private Television Broadcasting and Production Companies

It all started in 1968 when one of our predecessor partnered with CTV Inc (formerly known as Baton Broadcasting), one of Canada's largest private television broadcasting and production companies (now known as Bell Media). CTV is Canada's oldest, largest, and most-watched private broadcast television network, including 21 owned and operated stations, a secondary television network, which presently consists of six terrestrial television stations and a cable only channel, and 30 cable television specialty channels.   

Over the years strong partnerships and collaborative relationships were established with some of the largest television broadcasters, production companies and advertisers in the world. Some of the key members of the original management, and advertising and programming production teams involvement in the Open Cable TV Corporation, bring years of experience of being behind thousands of projects including Viva Las Vegas, A Star is Born, The Star Wars Special and many others.  At one point the partnership was producing more Television programming than Universal Studios – working with such names as Paul Newman, Kirk Douglas, Lucille Ball, John Wayne, Michael Jackson, Coca Cola, NBC, Canada Dry, Benelton Corporation, Timex, Monsanto Company, Chevrolet, ABC and numerous others. Many years of producing programming and advertising for Television have created one of the deepest accumulated bodies of knowledge in terms of a competitive advantage of the understanding of  the needs, of the consumers, the television station operations, the needs of the content producers / owners and the cable operators as well as the needs of and the most effective strategies for the advertisers.

Late 1990's - A Content, Television and Advertising Technology Start Up is Founded by a group of students at Harvard and MIT

With a large investment from family and friends and money raised from the sale of another successful business, Sandwriter Corporation was founded by a group of Harvard University students, supported by Triple C Company and Funds. The group included a number of this generations think leaders and successful entrepreneurs including an early supporter of Akamai Technologies a leader in Internet content delivery, one of the world's largest distributed computing platforms that grew to 20 Billion dollars in market capitalization in three years from founding, and included numerous well known technology experts in content delivery, television and advertising.

After many years of research and development, and a large investment of cash, time and sweat gaining a strong technological and business competitive advantage over competition through the knowledge gathered and learned and mistakes made while developing products and services internally and for customers in television, content delivery, advertising, "Video Player Pull Technology", television station transcoding and delivery server hardware and software research, receiver hardware and software research and development, ad and video programming production, management and customization software and processes development, television set and TV Guide Software programming,  television and content license management expertise and collaboration with nearly 60 other groups of researchers and companies, the group is currently ready to deliver a state of the art solution for Advertising companies, Television Stations, Content Providers and Owners and to Cable Television Networks that will become the most successful new platform and model for Precision Cable Television Advertising.   

The Last 15 years

The group has maintained focus and continued research and development in two directions 1) on the technology front the group has been continually invested in and has been working on the Television, video, content and advertising technology front both in hardware and software solutions for Television Stations, Cable Company Operators, Advertisers, Content Film and Television Producers and Content Owners and for consumers through its group of hardware and software products and services and through participation in our partners R&D projects in the US, Europe and Asia 2) on the content (Film and TV Programming) and advertising production, management and sales front the group has been continually on the forefront of working with some of the top companies in the field, has developed and has perfected methodologies for low cost content and advertising production and has continued to master the formulas for making advertising and Television Programming entertaining and sticky for consumers. As an additional strong competitive advantage we believe we have mastered the formula for advertising and television programming psychology and can utilize our software models and tools to rate and measure the capacity to attract and keep viewer attention. Once our software and platform are launched in large scale we will be able to fine tune and predict Cable Television viewer behavior with even greater accuracy all resulting in even greater accuracy in our models for Precision Cable Television Advertising
The interactive television, advertising, and video and TV encoding  and delivery technology developed by the company and by its research team is currently used by some of the largest Pay TV and telephone companies in the world serving millions of customers and has received numerous prestigious awards. 

Years of research and development by some of the top minds in the fields of Television, Video, Mobile and TV Advertising technologies, and planning and preparation in the fields of Marketing, Direct Sales and Branding has yielded a sophisticated and highly profitable business model focused on the needs of the affiliates, the needs of the consumers and the needs of the Ad Agencies and Television Advertisers able to generate billions of dollars per year for the investors. 

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