Open Cable Television Corporation
Precision One-on-One Marketing™ to Cable TV Consumers
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Television Channels and Unique Services branded and customized to the needs and demands of each market segment focused on generating high value add and benefits for each segment.
 We have been involved in consumer branding, Television Advertising, and innovative and highly successful television direct sales campaigns for many years and will generate great results for our products and services through high value add branding and positioning as well as other innovative strategies.
Years of research and development by some of the top minds in the fields of Television, Video, Mobile and TV Advertising technologies, and planning and preparation in the fields of Marketing, Direct Sales and Branding has yielded a sophisticated and highly profitable business model focused on the needs of the affiliates, the needs of the consumers and the needs of the Ad Agencies and Television Advertisers able to generate billions of dollars per year for the investors. 

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